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REDUSLIM is an effective fat burner and appetite suppressor.

  • Instant fat burning
  • Complete toxin excretion
  • Acceleration weight loss
  • Normalization metabolism
  • Boosted fat splitting
  • Getting rid of edema
  • Reduced appetite
  • Blockage of fat deposition!

REDUSLIM – lipotropic pills for maximum weight loss!

REDUSLIM - is a real breakthrough in dietology! An intensive thermogenic fat split reaction starts right after resorbtion of the pill.

Unlike most of common fat burning agents Reduslim components remain stable in acid environment and provide long lasting sustainable effect, which means You'll not gain weight soon after the course is complete.

Unique natural fat burning compound!

REDUSLIM contains ONLY natural ingredients able to target overweight without any health damage, all of them are well digestible and toning!

Caffeine Anhydrous

Reduces appetite and boosts fat splitting, which result in weight loss

Green Tea extract

Benefits cardiac activity and metabolism, provides restorative effect

Black Pepper

Removes excess liquid Cleanses bowel, strengthens and improves its motor function.

Cayenne Pepper

Stimulates endorphin secretion Provides extra tonus and reduces sugar cravings.


Reduces cholesterol by 24,9%, Improves blood circulation Increases intestinal peristalsis


Suppresses adipogenesis (fat cells formation) Reduces fat depots.

Irvingia gabonensis

Removes toxins
Provides restorative effect

Evening primrose oil

Restores hormonal balance,improves skin elasticity


Completely natural formula makes Reduslim an absolutely safe remedy. It was developed to benefit such aspects of metabolism as fat splitting and toxin excretion. Besides, some proper ingredients are aimed to reduce appetite and normalize digestion. All this allows quickly burn fat excessives and then keep your weight norm stable.

Olivia Smith,
Nutrition consultant


1 pill a day with a glass of water

Watch over optimal daily hydration (take at least 1,5 litres of water per day)

Be careful with dosage!

Concentration of active agents is calculated exactly for 24 hours. To avoid overdose, please strictly follow assigned shedule of intakes.


I was pretty nervous before my wedding, and so got enough of overweight. It was a real concern as I had no idea how to lose it. Heard about Reduslim, read some comments and bought it. As result I lost 14 pounds & now keeping the same weight for half a year. My wedding dress appeared a bit large! Taking pills is easy, just don't skip intakes, and the taste is very nice.

Ruby, 42 years

In my age, it is difficult to perform any physical exercises and follow diets, but I still want to look slim and attractive.Decided to take REDUSLIM by my friend’s advice and was impressed.I’m happy with the result!

Emily, 32 years

I was always shy of my body and wanted to lose weight, but I've got no time for gym or diets, as I've got 3 children!Bought REDUSLIM and couldn’t believe the number on the scales in a week. Why didn’t I have such a cool remedy before?

Chloe, 34 years

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